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On September 25th,

Let’s come together and ride the 100km. 

As an option you can ride the first 100minutes if you're not up to the 100km just yet. 

Ride Info
This is a free group ride on open roads. 

Time: From 0530 AM

Start: 0600

The route is roughly 11km long. The group will pass the meeting point on every loop. Feel free to join at any time you wish as the group passes by.

Please call/text 0715 361 300 (9am-7pm) if you have any questions. 


Route Info

Distance: 11.25km

Estimated Moving time: 35mins

  1. Meet at TARGET SUPERMARKET on Haile Selassie Road towards St. Peters.

  2. Left on Karume Road. 

  3. Right on Msasani Road.

  4. Right on Winding Avenue towards Kenyatta Drive.

  5. Left on To Kenyatta Drive.

  6. Left on Toure Drive towards Sea Cliff. 

  7. Left on Masaki Road.

  8. Left on Haile Salassie Road. 

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