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Challenge Time!


Back by popular demand, the 30xThirty Challenge is meant to motivate cyclists to get out their bikes and ride! 

As the name suggests, the main challenge is to ride a minimum of 30km per day for each of the 30 days in the month of November.


This is the 3rd time we have organised this ride and so far we have nearly 40 challengers signed up!


Challenge Options

  1.  30xThirty - Gold Challenge
    The Don! Ride a minimum of 30km per day  in as many rides as you want for each of the 30 days in November. If you skip/fail/unable to do a ride (because we're adults and life happens) then have no fear! Just make sure you total distance covered at the end of the month is 1000km. Easy!


  2. November500 - Silver Challenge
    Ride a total distance of 500km in the whole month. This can be​​ 10 rides of 50km, 5 rides of 100km, 500 rides of 1km, etc you get the picture. 

  3. November300 - Bronze Challenge
    Ride a total of 300km in the whole month. 

There you have it, those are the options, Are you game?

How to Join?

To Join head on over to our Strava club specifically set up for this event and just join the club. We will tally up your rides and let you know how you're fairing. Simple! 

Watch out for organised group rides on Saturdays and Sundays, these will be posted on the club in strava. 

Happy riding and see you on the road!

2019 30x30 standings - FINAL.png
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